The Fear of Change

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Everyone faces daily struggles in their lives that can alter the way we see ourselves in mirror. These struggles can have a huge effect on us mentally and cause us to push our goals and aspirations aside. We start making up excuses not to do things, or to start them on “Monday, next week, next month etc”, and end up disliking ourselves more by being consumed in negative energy.

The Fear of change, new surroundings, gyms, people looking at you, using weights, being out of shape, being uncomfortable/embarrassed with your body are all normal thoughts and feelings most people have when trying to start a lifestyle change. The idea behind Fearless conditioning is overcoming ones fear to achieve happiness and purpose. It’s the ability to perform everyday activities easier, such as lifting groceries or running around with your children. It is about achieving a positive mindset that makes you have more energy and enthusiasm to share with others. Most importantly it is about recognizing that person in the mirror and loving who you see.

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