Refreshing Detox Water- Helps Digestion


1 medium cucumber sliced

1-2 lemons sliced

1 Tbsp. of grated/ ground ginger

10-15 mint leaves

2-3 litres of water

*Place all ingredients in a large jug

*Let water sit over night in the fridge and drink throughout the next day!


Cucumber: Helps reduce build up of water in the circulatory system, therefore helps you flush out the excess water. They also contain silica which helps to build healthy muscle and are known to help clear skin prone to acne.

Lemon: Helps to aid in digestion. They are also known as a good alkaline source which helps balance ph levels and supports weight loss.

Ginger: Is a anti-inflammatory which can help reduce joint aches and pain. It aids in circulation, helps clear up sinuses and reduce gas symptoms.

Mint: Helps stop stomach aches, reduce headaches and decrease congestion. It also kills harmful bacteria keeping your mouth naturally clean.


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