2017 Guidlines For A Better You

  1. Stress less. Try not to sweat the small things. Sometimes things are out of our control and the future is hard to predict. Things will happen as they may, but there are ways we can make them better and always more life to live.
  2. Love. Allow yourself to love and be loved in return. Do not let past experiences affect new ones. It is what we learn from those experiences that allows us to find someone better.
  3. Help others. Do not walk on by someone that may need help. Ask if they do and if not, then walk on by. At least you know you tried.
  4. Judge less and accept more. We are all humans living our own lives. We are made up from our own experiences and interest. Before you judge someone get to know them first. Everyone deserves a chance.
  5. Laugh often and make others laugh. Having fun makes bad days more enjoyable.
  6. Move. Sit less and get in motion. Exercise, walk, run, play sports, hike, swim, dance etc.
  7. Eat healthy. Drink more water.
  8. Ask for help. Sometimes we all need support and advice or just an ear. It is important that you know it is ok to talk about it. It doesn’t mean you are weak. Together we stay strong.
  9. Learn something new everyday. It can be as small as a new word, reading a magazine or book, listening to an elder or someone talking about their own interest. Gaining continuous knowledge lets us not be boring.
  10. Live. Do the things you love to do or want to do. Travel the world! No regrets!
  11. Explore your surroundings. Sometimes the places we live can seem boring but if you really look around you just might find some treasures and hold great memories!
  12. Express yourself loud. Do not be afraid to be who you are. Let others see the real you always.
  13. Engage in new hobbies. See what you may be capable of doing. Finding new interest can help keep the mind sound and heal. Being productive is key.
  14. Take time out for you. Always allow time for yourself at some point of the day to relax and reflect. Sit in peace and quiet, take a hot bath, listen to music, watch your favorite movie or sunset, do yoga etc. Clearing your mind is essential.

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